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Welcome to 1129 Media and we’re glad that you made it to our about page. We are a team of professional writer aiming to bring only the unparalleled and quality news from all around the world. Everyone deserves the right to know the current events in the world that he lives in so that he may never get left out. It is our right to know and understand the current situation of not only our locality, city, region or country but also the whole world. As human beings, we have constant needs to digest information from our surroundings.

Our team, 1129 Media was founded as an effort to bring news to our small community based website. This led to our inspiration to expand our reaches to the whole world by providing news and information that will allow everyone around the world knows the current state of our global community.

If you are looking to know all news happening in the four corners of the Earth, then you’ve come to the right place. Our website, 1129 Media will provide the latest news and events happening in your place, our place, their place and everywhere. From the latest oil price hike to the new store that opened four blocks from your home, we will try to deliver a global news website that will cater to everyone and anyone who’s going to visit 1129 media.

We hope you’ll cherish this huge amount of information that we will share to you and may you find it useful for any purpose that you need.