The Japanese ISIS Hostage Drama – A Plot Twist

Earlier, we reported that the ISIS’s hostages were Japanese. The citizens of the country didn’t give in to the fear that the terrorist group tries to convey. Instead of giving in to the unreasonable ransom fee of $200 million dollars, they bombarded twitter with their Grand prix about the crappy collage of ISIS’s video, a parody mocking their actions, which seems to say “we Japanese don’t care about you, ISIS, go to hell.”

However, we all know that ISIS is a group of terrorists composed of cold-blooded criminals and apparently, they beheaded one of the hostages. A video file posted online Saturday by a known ISIS supporter demonstrates a picture of one prisoner, Kenji Goto, holding a photograph of what gives off an impression of being the body of his kindred hostage, Haruna Yukawa. It seems that they are relaying the message via the first prisoner, which was left alive for a definitive purpose.

The person, which appears to be Goto speaks over the image in the English language. He says that it was the fault of the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, that his comrade, Haruna Yukawa was beheaded.

You were given a deadline,” he says, which refers to the $200 million ransom fee for in exchange of the prisoners this Friday.

However, this hostage drama seems to have a much unexpected plot twist, they are demanding for the release of another prisoner, Sajida al-Rishawi, in exchange of the remaining Japanese hostage, Kenji Goto. This is an Iraqui woman that faces death penalty in Jordan because of the case of bombings last 2005 which resulted to the death of dozens of people at hotels in Saudi Arabian Kingdom.

Al-Bayan Radio, an ISIS-associated online station, reported the terrorist group’s killing of Yukawa and the detainee swap interest for Goto in its broadcast Sunday. It didn’t distinguish Goto by name.

Japan Focuses on the Rescue of the Prisoner

Now, Japan’s attention is focused on the attempt to save Kenji Goto, the 47-year-old journalist, which was indicated to be holding the photo of the corpse of his fellow comrade. The picture was indicated to be the dead body of his comrade, and he was probably forced to speak about it via the video.

This video is still under verification, because the Japanese family of the said prisoners can’t really believe about the matter. Goto’s stepfather is skeptical because he sounded different from what he heard the last time he hear him speaking the English language. The video is still under verification as of this writing.

Obama and Abe Talked Over the Phone

The Japanese prime minister, who expressed his outrage against the said murder, talked over the phone with the US president. The US president offered condolences for the Murder and he said that he would work with its allies in order to defeat ISIS.