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Do People Still Make Money By Taking Surveys Online?

These days, it can be said that technology has become an ultimate part in our lives. It plays a role on how we communicate with other people, and is known to bridge distance, most particularly when we are talking about the technology introduced by the Internet. However, communication is not the only reason why the Internet has been developed. Well, we might say that it was among the foremost reasons why different developers come up with algorithms in order to keep the internet going.

However, if you notice it, even the Internet has not escaped change. Years ago, watching YouTube videos would mean being able to have access to uploaded videos with no hassle at all. When we used to search for keywords and topics in search engines, what we expect to get is a list of pages that contain the possible answer to what we are searching for. These days, however, we see ads everywhere. We see them at the top of the page, at the bottom, and even in unimaginable places when we search for something online. As a matter of fact, it seems that these ads have a mind of their own because they know that you are looking for something, and would present the ads to promote a certain website that can provide what you are looking for.

Money Making Opportunities

What do these ads serve as purpose for? They actually exist because of one word: business. Usually, there is a specific website behind these ads and when you click on these ads, you will be led to the website, increasing traffic to it, and possibly offering you products and services that also serve as answer to whatever it is that you are searching for using online search engines.

Yes. There are a lot of money making opportunities that are available online. There are platforms that serve as a rendezvous for employers and freelancers. Negotiation between them can lead to a business partnership that will benefit both of them. In all cases, the internet plays a vital role in the accomplishment of the tasks. A lot of people have turned from being unemployed to employed because of these opportunities to earn money online, allowing them to work from home.

At the same time, one of the most popular opportunities that are available these days is paid surveys. Some people have dismissed the idea that this option would actually work. However, taking a closer look at it has shown that indeed, it works. As a matter of fact, a lot of people have benefited from participating in these paid online surveys from sites such as Opinion Outpost and Swagbucks, and getting money out of this opportunity. Yes, up to this point, this trend still works, and has even evolved into an opportunity which does not just offer cash as rewards, but also gift certificates, cash points, and others. This is not just an easy way to earn extra, but it is also exciting as you are able to participate in something that can help you express your opinion.


The Japanese ISIS Hostage Drama – A Plot Twist

Earlier, we reported that the ISIS’s hostages were Japanese. The citizens of the country didn’t give in to the fear that the terrorist group tries to convey. Instead of giving in to the unreasonable ransom fee of $200 million dollars, they bombarded twitter with their Grand prix about the crappy collage of ISIS’s video, a parody mocking their actions, which seems to say “we Japanese don’t care about you, ISIS, go to hell.”

However, we all know that ISIS is a group of terrorists composed of cold-blooded criminals and apparently, they beheaded one of the hostages. A video file posted online Saturday by a known ISIS supporter demonstrates a picture of one prisoner, Kenji Goto, holding a photograph of what gives off an impression of being the body of his kindred hostage, Haruna Yukawa. It seems that they are relaying the message via the first prisoner, which was left alive for a definitive purpose.

The person, which appears to be Goto speaks over the image in the English language. He says that it was the fault of the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, that his comrade, Haruna Yukawa was beheaded.

You were given a deadline,” he says, which refers to the $200 million ransom fee for in exchange of the prisoners this Friday.

However, this hostage drama seems to have a much unexpected plot twist, they are demanding for the release of another prisoner, Sajida al-Rishawi, in exchange of the remaining Japanese hostage, Kenji Goto. This is an Iraqui woman that faces death penalty in Jordan because of the case of bombings last 2005 which resulted to the death of dozens of people at hotels in Saudi Arabian Kingdom.

Al-Bayan Radio, an ISIS-associated online station, reported the terrorist group’s killing of Yukawa and the detainee swap interest for Goto in its broadcast Sunday. It didn’t distinguish Goto by name.

Japan Focuses on the Rescue of the Prisoner

Now, Japan’s attention is focused on the attempt to save Kenji Goto, the 47-year-old journalist, which was indicated to be holding the photo of the corpse of his fellow comrade. The picture was indicated to be the dead body of his comrade, and he was probably forced to speak about it via the video.

This video is still under verification, because the Japanese family of the said prisoners can’t really believe about the matter. Goto’s stepfather is skeptical because he sounded different from what he heard the last time he hear him speaking the English language. The video is still under verification as of this writing.

Obama and Abe Talked Over the Phone

The Japanese prime minister, who expressed his outrage against the said murder, talked over the phone with the US president. The US president offered condolences for the Murder and he said that he would work with its allies in order to defeat ISIS.

The Japanese MEME vs ISIS

If you’re a video gamer, you probably played one of the best Japanese-created video games, Metal Gear. One of its installments has an antagonist, which seems to love memes so much. But we don’t talk about that. We are here to talk about another kind of meme, the internet phenomenon which is all about a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users.

This January 20, 2015th, one of the most prominent terrorist state, the ISIS released a video showing two Japanese captors dressed in orange being held. The group claims to behead these hostages unless they issue $200 million dollars as a ransom fee. This could be a terrifying sight, that is, if this happened to other countries, the internet community of that particular country will surely bash the ISIS group using spicy words and hate. Some will express fear and might even give in. However, the Japanese is different. What happened was the birth of a new hashtag called “ISIS crappy collage grand prix”. This is indeed a crappy collage of Photoshop edits to the hostage videos.

This is their response, instead of calling the Japanese government or expressing their anger against the act, the Japanese twitter feed was filled with the parody images of the video. One of the earliest versions of the parody images gathered so much attention, which was, retweeted over 7,700 times, favorite over 5,000 times within its first 7 hours of existence.

After a few hours of that Photoshop meme’s birth, hundreds of new instance were created with the hashtag of “#ISISクソコラグランプリ”, which roughly translates to #ISISCrappyCollageGrandPrix. Some of the twitter users even provoked the allegedly twitter account of one of the members by sending those photos to the said account.

The allegedly ISIS twitter account responded with this statement, “Japanese people, you are so optimistic. Is it because he said that 5800 kilometers you think you are in safe zone. We have army everywhere.” He also added, “I really wanted to see your faces after these two get beheaded.”

The onslaught didn’t even staggered, instead, it continued even more, with the stream of memes coming through the Japanese twitter feed got only more ridiculous. The bigger part of the global internet community viewed this attempt as a new way to fight back to ISIS. Some believe that ISIS, being a terrorist group that relies on mass fear, should be ridiculed in order to weaken their resolve. Some others condemned this behavior because it’s as if they don’t have any sympathy to the hostages.

Whatever the reasons behind this, it only shows that the Japanese fights back using verbal assault and this are a brave act against one of the largest terrorist groups in the world.